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It forward and splits the defenders into the end zone. Touchdown plants it Travis Ctn on a three yard touchdown. Rush makes it 13 to 7 such a hard play to stop exactly the same place they scored on the first time. The only difference is that time instead of Trevor Laurence keeping it he handed it off TTN and he rode that hand off. Probably a full second All eyes were on Trevor Laurence. Everyone the building thought he was keeping it again. The last second, let a TN habit who walked into the end zone almost touch. That's such great disappointment takes hours and hundreds of times of practicing that, to get that mess point. Correct that leads to not fumbling the football and exchanging it correctly. Peachy. Potter's desperate point is good. It's brought to you by Allstate. You better protected with Allstate. You've never been In better hands. So now for Travis Eat again, It is 468 career points. He's now first all time and a cc history, passing Dustin Hopkins, the former field goal kicker for Florida State. Has that to the list on the career of the senior from Jennings, Louisiana, who came back for his senior year for this very opportunity. He was able to get 20 tickets into his hands for family and friends who have made the trip down from Jennings. 14 to 7, now. Clemson on top of five minutes and one second remaining seven plays 75 yards, two minutes and 58 seconds. Time of possession on the drive, and Lawrence was four for four through the air. Tigers kicking right to left. It's Potter with the right foot sends it high and into the end zone over to Mario, call McCall rather for the touchback. So back and forth. It appears we're ready to go..

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