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In a town that suited his personality. Had he played on a bigger stage. Had he played in New York, and he played in L. A. We would remember Tim Duncan differently. I truly believe that if he's winning titles, there would be a statue at Staples. If he was winning a title titles in New York. There'll be a statue. He's in San Antonio. Tim couldn't care less about how he's honored or have a statue there. Yeah point. It's also so so weird how he ended up in San Antonio. The 95 96 Spurs with David Robinson and Popovich before Duncan got there were 59 23 their first in the Midwestern division. They're great. Back injury to Tim Duncan. They finished sixth in the next season. There 20 and 62 they get deep in the playoffs. Lottery. They get Tim Duncan, first year a Tim Duncan the right back on top 2056 games. Well, I think that it might have been encouraged for David Robinson to not play those final games of the regular season when he came back with his back injury, and then they win the lottery. That's when Rick Pitino thought, Hey, I'm coaching the Celtics, and we're getting Tim Duncan and I am set for the next decade or so. And it didn't happen. Obviously, yes, McLovin. Wonder, though, with his style play, I mean, it was boring. Let's face it is his greatest moments for 12 ft Bank shots. He just was not a highlight player. You're right. So with how that but if he was in l A with the L A nous have overwhelmed that and he'd be Ah, bigger name. I'm not sure what you sow. So low keyed, but he couldn't have been anybody but himself. I don't think where he went. I don't think all San Antonio made him that. That's hooey. If you're around him, he is chill. Is Melo. He steps on the floor. Avery Johnson and Vinny Del Negro would tell me. Don't let him fool you like he. He has a temper. He's competitive. And he's got five titles. Uh, he was an all star. What 15 times. I'm guessing Offensively, but 1st 2nd 3rd team all defense. How many times 1st 2nd team. 13 regular MBA, You know, regular season All Star It's just we don't he wasn't exciting. And I had a conversation with his former teammate a couple of weeks ago. Matt Bonner. And he said, Look, Tim's won the five greatest players of all time. Now, you know he's obviously territorial here and you start to look at it. And and you could make a case. Tim Duncan is one of the top five players of all time. It's just there's no moment where you go. Wow. Did you see what Duncan did? It's one of those where you look in the box score afterwards and you go. Get 25 15, you know, five blocks Forces. No. We played with great players. Nobody knew Tony Parker was a great player. Nobody knew man who was a great player. We knew David Robinson Woz. We didn't know how good Gregg Popovich was, is a coach. Just kind of came together, but it helps when your star player falls in line with what the coach wants everybody to do. And he would yell it, Tim. Yes, McLovin. I have you know the all time ESPN list. It was a big deal two years ago. Uh, Tim is eight on their right ahead. A Larry Bird it right. Uh, I'm sorry, Labored seven and Kobe's nine, So he's sandwiched in eight, which is not far off the top five, but he's got five titles. He has three MVPs. In the finals. He's got two MVPs during the regular season. 15 time All Star. 10 time first team. Eight times first team all defense. Seven times second team all defense, so 15 years he was first or second all defense. He was rookie of the year. I mean, that's a decorated resume there. But who could you possibly knock out the top five? These really Russell Chamberlain, Magic Bird? Jordan. Kind of. Well, you have Russell and Chamberlain, and that's a different era. Because You know, I get into this argument, and I hate doing it. Um Bill Russell's the most decorated Does that make him the You know, one of the top five players, uh, you know, will want a title. Got a ton of scoring. I mean, he's got You know, you almost have to take. You almost have to start this in the seventies or maybe the eighties. Just to be fair to those players because Oscar Oscar's in there as well. It was just a different game. But I think that's where you talk about generational. Is Tim Duncan there with Michael Jordan. And the answer is yes, he is. Mean his resume is every bit he won five titles, You know, three times the M V p In the finals. Where do you find fault? Just because he didn't give you a highlight. That's really it. If Tim Duncan had a couple of Vince Carter highlights Tracy McGrady highlights Took down a backboard one time. Garnett. Garnett was in your face. He was there like you knew Garnett was on the floor. Tim what you could tune in and go Who's the best player on the floor? And it might take a little while before you realize that it was Tim Duncan. Ginobili was far more exciting. Parker was far more exciting. The admiral was.

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