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Fire hazard Ellie ranger Joe Louis rally says the camp has propane tanks and generators that have to go that's our concern is that those things are gonna wind up spark in the fire he says the supposed to base a wildlife reserve needs to remain clean we want to keep it that way for the safety issues not just for the the folks that are at the homeless population are living in around the parts but also for the residents the parks the businesses that are in and around the support for the base and this is the third of a four phase cleanup of the basin in van Nuys rob Newton KFI news a memorial of flowers candles and balloons have been set up to honor a family of three killed in Long Beach by suspected drunk driver on Halloween the parents and their three year old son were trick or treating when they were hit a brokenhearted I'm just devastated that many lives near the crash site tells K. delay the community is very tight knit and the news of the family's death has hit hard a candlelight vigil is scheduled for Thursday at seven PM at Los secretos park two inmates have escaped from a county jail in Salinas we've got an active investigation an active search for both of these individuals Monterey county sheriff's captain John thorn birds as the guys got their way through the ceiling of a bathroom across an area full of pipe send out through a hatch investigators say the two men were facing murder charges in connection with game killings California has pulled a lot of weed we're United in this fight because illegal planting of public lands hurts everyone Attorney General hot here but there is as the campaign against marijuana planting our campus led to nearly one hundred fifty arrests in twenty nineteen and gotten rid of almost a million marijuana plants that's more than twenty five tons of processed bear one the D. A.'s William Bonner says the feds are focused on a big piece of these illegal grows that supply other states working these organizations that are taking advantage of California nearly three hundred fifty gross sites were rated across the state as part of camp in LA Chris and Carla okay if I knew the CIA whistleblower who flag president trump's contacts with Ukraine has offered to answer questions from house Republicans the whistleblowers lawyer says his client is willing to submit those answers in writing under oath and penalty of per three Ohio Republican congressman Jim Jordan says the whistle blower should testify publicly the guys started it all.

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