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Not only faced hall of famers earlier in your career, you also played for three hall of fame managers, what was it like playing for guys like Mckee and tell me tell me a good, Jack mckeon story, because I always loved trader Jack. Well, I was I was an outcome out Aibo. I was I was pretty good teams play what we want. So Jack and by me, spring training because they were by the new a couple other guys and Jackson. Well, we got we got him back reproduce to. So inviting me The to. two big Nick camp. First trip I was late for the bus. Okay, we would go out of town. I was late for the bus. So when I got on a bus jet gave me a look. We went we went back to two hour bus rat. I didn't play. So the next day we got back for practice. And Jack made me run. He made me run for hour and a half in Alfie back and forth. I didn't stop because I knew I was room. So I kept running for hour and a half, they found he told me stop, did you older Maly, develop a warm relationship with jacker? Is it was kind of a distant relationship? Well, I respect Jack tremendously Jack was a good baseball man. And he he knew the game. He in a good player who had a man just player. So. I thought he was held a managed. Let's go from the Kansas City Royals in nineteen seventy seven to the Seattle Mariners where you're played for former Red Sox manager Darrell Johnson. What was it like playing for Darryl d'or was a laid back individual? He wasn't too. I eating get to excite at one way L away. He was a pretty good patient manager for a team like ourselves because we had a team full of guys who were counted like cast off from other organizations are put put up put up for grabs more or less for the expansion teams. So a lot of guys has had a lot to prove and Darryl had a good temperament for for the team we had. Let's interesting because four years after you signed your contract. With the Kansas City Royals coming out at nineteen. Seventy six you find yourself playing for your third major league team. I the royals than the Mariners and then the New York Yankees in nineteen eighty what were your thoughts when you were being traded and moving around? We think in what the heck is wrong with me. Why can't I stick with one team or Roope? Were you happy to move over to the Yankees at that point in your young career? I come up a phenomenal year in nineteen seventy nine and I played real good. That's the best year. I had two major leagues in the Yankees wanted me. So they traded a few guys to get me it was it was a shame that. You know my career went into direction he did the first year when I played I was playing pretty good. I had chanced outset chance to win rookie year in August, first of that year I told my knee but I continue to play. And at the end of the season, I got I had to get NIA peration so in, in the back in that day that, oh, surgery. And for months, I still any store run into two two months later. And so consequently when I went to spring training was not ready. Well, when the season started, I was not ready, but I played. And then in may, I start filling healthy start playing well in bloom. In my pennies blew out, we was in Boston in my penance blew out and I had to emergency. How are merging shot operation in Boston, and it's funny because I had just read the book coma, no? Oh my. You know I'm on, I'm on the operating table. Anybody give me anesthetics? I say, I said, I looked at the gas, I am gonna wake up on what you mean. I just read the book coma lot, waking up. Well friends, those of you listening. If you have never read the book comb, it was written by a medical doctor, Robin Cook. And I'll tell you what, that, that book scared the BG vers. Well, so you go from the Yankees in nineteen eighty a year.

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