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Zac Brown Band a throwback from 2009 right there. The song is called Toes on Bobby Bones. Cole Swindell is here with us. Will you demand to see a covert test before your next date? I just want to date me. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, well demanded. Yeah. Ah, it's tuft. I'm now I have great relationship. Yes, And I'm happy for you. You got to tell you in person don't think sensing you but privilege. I wonder. What it was, like. Don't think, man. How do you get back in the mix dating? Are you even talking to people? I mean, right now, Just not really. I mean, I'm Ah, Are you on the ass? I just wantto I'm not. That's I mean, that's what I can't see how that's possible. But I mean you so I'm not so good. I just don't. I mean, there's enough, Honestly, there's something that I'd like to bring up our fake profiles on Instagram. But well, I mean, I wish somebody could do something about that. I can imagine a dating site of If that's on there, so that that seems a little little danger, So I I'm not on that. But, you know, just just writing a lot and just waitin on on that day. So are you actively because I had to actively personal, Emilia, Maybe let me talk you for a second. Cole Swindell. I was the same way We've had this conversation away from whatever world run Now we we had this low heart to heart. I Always had the same thing like I'm ready, but then I had to be deliberate about it. That's what you know. I think you're right. And I I need some advice. Ah, I think I've always kind of just blamed it on. I'm busy. I'm but now I'm not busy. So I have Ah, excuse other than being there. I got it. I got the therapist. You sent me on one of my other friends. Sorry. Things are looking up here. What did you tell him? What kind of their visit is over so well? So I play a minute. Let me come back. Come back. Come back. It could work. Yeah, Cole Swindell is they're gonna come back and talk with them a little more 18..

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