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Of steps in the last two games. Baiting targeted for green. I'll keep them. I'll keep him on the squad. And then I'll be like normal. I'll be a week behind he'll blow up this week. And then next week. I'll play him. Here's a question. And I'll let you go on this from Lawrence. I'm fighting for last place. So I guess things haven't been going. Well for him Russell Wilson or Alex Smith. You gotta go with Russell Wilson. You can't I never wanna put an Alex Smith on purpose. Like unless there's two by weeks. And if I don't have another option, I just he's going to win games. But he's not gonna win a shoot out. It's gonna be seventeen fourteen type game. But I go Russell Wilson. Well, Andy Reid doesn't put in Alex Smith either unless he has to. I appreciate the time in the inside. And I'm looking at the boy, what is it Muller? Muller was the kid's name that's gonna start for the Niners, Nick Mullins, Nick. Nick molins. We have to the same college Brett farve. Apparently if you can get Oakland or San Francisco defense or jets are dolphins defense way to go this week if any of those four available actually grapple why? The dolphins are actually the cheapest defense and drive time sports fantasy football is like, are you kidding me? So I grabbed them I mean, I usually look at the bottom of the list for defenses. But I this week. I feel pretty good about it. Appreciate the time in good luck this weekend. Good luck to you. Thanks, Matt Wiley gazette joining us here on drive time sports, you could give them a follow on Twitter at M W Coyote coming up next. It's crunch time here on Xtra sports.

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