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Be on your advertising to sell the house. It'll bury you probably dollars. You know what I've been through, So let me with that. That's from the edge. Artistes Mint? Yeah. You got me wanting to bite an ass fellas. Course The house is in pretty good condition, too, but but certainly adds to it. We'll lay it, lad a lot. If you are anything the way you sounded, But you kept Great care of that house. Oh, I am with Children happy? Yes. Yeah, well, listen, I know Let me ask you a question. You know, a lot of us aren't going to be with their families for Thanksgiving. And right, because can you are you going to be with your family? No, no, no, no. We all were doing the big socialist and three communicate with each other. I can always see them on the phone. You know, family, whatever. But no, We were we were keeping with the rules where the math Socially distance and wash your hands. Well, we use that sanitizer on washing felt more this year, you know, maybe in a weird way. It helps us enjoy our blessings. Even Mohr If we can't be the people with the people we love on the holidays, right And it lets us know how much we really appreciate them Absence with. Ah, sometimes it's going gets good to get a break from family. Catherine Alright Ah, I am so grateful to you for taking some time to talk to us today. And no, I have a match. Feel good about your calling. Oh, well, I can't wait to see the tree and to know that it came from Katherine Townsend's yard in Morgan Park on the south side of Chicago. Represent the South side, right? Yes, definitely felt. Well, listen, You know, I'm looking forward to seeing it too. And no, I won't see you all. But anyway, I want to thank you for everything. Well, I want to thank you as well. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving in a very blessed Christmas. Same to you. OK, you 20 It sounds like I'm ending you. Were you ready? Yeah, it's about time. Unfortunately, all right. And German you name again? My name is Steve. Okay. I think that's what I owe. Steve Bertrand, That's it. You got it? You're okay. Nice talking with you is so nice talking to you, Catherine. Thank you. Surely goodbye. Neil, We don't need to celebrate in person. We can just talk to Catherine and understand what holidays are all about. Blood shiftless in a Catherine Tell us about this all week long. Just put everyone in the spirit, Steve about it. That was fantastic. Thank you for bringing her to me. Ah, listen, I know you've got a lot of work to do. I wish you great success. Thank you very much. Happy holidays. Happy holidays were gonna check in with the news and Kim Gordon after that, Actually, Chicago does a terrible job of recycling that you'd only 89% of its waste gets recycled the story in Black Club Chicago today, we'll kick that around and then talk mushrooms coming up on Chicago's afternoon news..

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