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You've, got debt number one is we've. Got to get this car out of, your life okay so I would attack. The car then from there you talked about again set aside taxes attack, in the car you want. To put some toward retirement and some, toward your kid's education pay some toward the house and I. Think putting a dollar amount you can also use some of that to have some fun I don't. Think that that's a problem, at all and see what I'm doing Julie with that approach I'm spreading. This money out so it goes somewhere intentionally and I don't. Accidentally. Let it slide by so What I mean is, this don't park this money in your account because whenever you have money just sitting there. And you don't have it attached to a goal or something there's a name for, it and it's called spent so you all have an opportunity to make some progress in multiple, areas, by following this approach Julie thank you so much for your call appreciate that and speaking of saving for retirement I. Want wanna tell you something summer's here and that means family, vacations backyard grilling and even taking things a little bit. Easier because kids, are out of school but unfortunately for most of us that also means getting a little sloppy. With, our investing goals but if you. Set up your contributions to happen automatically, you don't have to remember you don't. Have to go back and transfer any money you can enjoy your summer, break so here's what I. Want you to do go to Chris, HOGAN three sixty dot com and click on the dream team. Button I want you to find an investment professional in your area that can help guide you and. Help you automate your investing. That way you set yourself up to be able to have success this summer.

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