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Pull them out They needed plans to In me the morale of the afghan army began to collapse and of course it fell apart when they came out last month to a lot of americans and including folks in the white house. It's seemed to be surprising at the speed of that collapse in the speed of the taliban takeover. Were you surprised at how quickly things fell apart. Afghanistan no i wasn't i. I'm surprised that that the pentagon was You know i spent time on afford operating base afghanistan Working for the us. Army doing information operations. And i got to really know the afghan army Very well and that capacity. I also worked in the country. the cia Tracking the suicide bombers. And both of those roles i've got to know the afghan forces and what i found in my experience is was. It wasn't a cohesive modern fighting force like say the. Us army It was this patchwork of quarreling tribal groups. You know get mangal whose beck's shiite mongol harare's aaron pashtoons persians haji all these groups had fought civil wars and we cobbled together into one army And trend fights for a concept that didn't exist or rushing concept of a nation we try constructing nation In this land. That was almost like game of thrones fan. You know there's all these tribes and there's a huge kosher in this country of tribal defection We thought again the last few weeks. Afghan army units just surrendering and giving it a weapons taleban defections betrayals So it didn't surprise me that army that we built together You know to on after we left fell apart so quickly once the us left and especially once the us withdrew the one thing that was most vocal in in the war. That is us air support so over and over again airport chains of damage because the war as soon as biden pulled the apache helicopters the bombers And we stopped supporting. The afghan troops were air support The the whole game changed. So i do want to ask you. So given what you're describing in terms of the number of groups in the sort of coalition holding together this country the taliban again swiftly toppled that regime. And i'm thinking can the taliban effectively ruling Govern afganistan now or are we looking at more conflict with neighbors and other other countries in the region on very poor leaders When they took over the country of ninety four to ninety six these are semi literate. tribal warriors They don't have any experience in running. Complex theocracies you know. How are they gonna run. Kabul international airport How are they gonna do anything. Then of all running ministries education Did a terrible job..

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