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Get a free with those coupons you get. Something free like a, free meal that's a frozen, meal such as Mexican pizza tacos and they're all really good or had some the other day real delicious and serve. Those in the frozen food sections Oh I just saw sausage breakfast wrap good Yep sure is And they also. Just, sell hatch chilies I'll. Chopped up. And. Ready, to. Go So we might have. To order some of those here's what. I find fascinating maybe fest anybody else It is to me so. Here I am in. New, Mexico? As often as I can be and I've never. Heard of five oh five until today. Oh really You. Need to pay attention. Apparently, so Area code I've I've known that. For Now I'm. Going to. Five seven area code five oh. Five, snail just what Albuquerque Maybe a little bit Everything else is five something I remember when it started, appearing in Santa Fe it would appear next to like the shed and some other local salsas and. I saw it appearing and then I saw it slowly, come up this way and I saw it in Safeway in king supers. And stuff like that. And I've tried it I've tried. The green. Chili sauce it's. Amazing it's absolutely amazing and they just they just. Partnered, with the. Broncos yeah they did so we've got They also I was down in Arizona they partnered with Arizona Diamondbacks and I believe. The LA dodgers so it's a when I was at, the Pepsi center they have huge signs of five oh five salsas everywhere. And they do a. Nacho Cam and they offer all. These salsas. We do there. So hopefully we'll get into the Pepsi center this. Year, with one. Of our cards Yeah it's great. To give these people choices because just go up there and have one choices right How a cart, for me to food cart is similar, to a food truck but he's just smaller a food trucks enclosed, on has some things, in there every cart or every if you see a vendor on. The streets even with hot dog they have to have a hand washing, with hot and. Cold water so a card is? Basically just a little bigger than a hotdog cart but we can do you have your. Flat grill you have your. Steam trays where you keep your hot. Food and you have a. Cooler we put your food on so some come up in, they'll order let's just say a burrito taco will throw it on the flat grill at, a warm-up we'll put their almost if you if you, if you have been to Cuba, or taste kind of like a, order and, you go like subway you put. Your topics on again not, everyone likes pre roll, stuff you. Know like just say a Taco Bell you can get a burrito how they make, it you, know so we like. To give them choices if they. Don't, want cheese or if they're you know have a dairy allergy we don't put that on. It I mean I, guess choices having with today's today's society you've got a, lot of allergies you got a, lot of people that don't want, to eat, some of that meat or whatever. It is so we have, choices and that's what, I think. It's made us we're how many carts do you have to have seven food carts, and we, have two food trucks. Go so we're world carts cartoon How do you do that it's hard that's, why I don't think that much. But luckily we have a good team working with us but we have three three of the two foot. One food truck to food carts inside fiddler's green venue which believe. There to others are three others that I Bank and then we have another one right at our storage. Unit so I mean I Yes we do all the indoor venues we're, actually only outside, vendor they allow. In there just in their? Normal concession. Stands so it's been it's been great, you everything from I mean the circus to rock concerts, Darius Rucker who's formerly, served him two hundred and seventy six talk was after his concert last, year he, ordered it for a screw and they love fully box it, up we shut down one of our food trucks box it. Up, sold a, Tim Like. One Republic and we're hoping to do Willie Nelson when he came in but I. Think he smoked a little bit too much, but I didn't, want to eat That's not true More green. Chilies me too Frankie Sanchez, north of the border grill and the website is north of. The border grill dot com You're listening.

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