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Does he do hard time taking off him now because as a musical nosy looks good? Thanks it's better than it's been for the past few weeks. There's warnings there. The role two weeks ago in fairness a couple of the audience tried to fight you so yeah I still can't believe they were my people it's unreal. They were Dave's people. Do you remember a couple of about a week ago. I got a tweet that said how dare you have someone on your show. Because he's he's got a beef with Louis like I didn't know who did you ever be. Who doesn't have a P for Saturday said Dude? You'll if I guess because Lewis ought to be with them it'd be gas got you have. You'll get that Jay is if you had me on your show you'll get that tweet home. Maybe it was no. What's his name Leach Jeff Leach with Leach that sort of leads. She talks American but he's got that stupid accent. I got no problem jeff as hard to beef with. You know he's just fucking Out to handsome fucking gorgeous gorgeous. Look the guy could go anywhere he wants and Fuckin- can we go out with a cheer. INGLES YOU'VE IF I may put it in a pussy. What is the Senate press? But he's naturally better getting it in you. You have to run around slapped table yet. Lewis Jetty Becky's watched me in fucking action this year. You buy your.

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