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That song. I've heard it too many times, and it's kind of plotting. Which one Every day. Every day is Halloween by ministry. Who else who else in this town is going to play it. I mean, really, that's true. It needs to be played. It's up for discussion. Let's table that for a pin in that race circle back, we'll circle back and then we'll reach out. All right, Let's get this going. Yeah, we We got to start the show officially, so On. We'll take your check ins. Maybe you have a suggestion for a terrible Halloween song that we could play 8776029696. That's the number call. Check in with the radio from hell Show. It helps us get going. Helps us understand the feeling get, you know, Take the temperature of the audience, so we know what kind of show did deliver. If no money I'll have to take your temperature every day for work for school. How many of you have a daily temperature? Running. That's what we're doing here. We're taking your temperature. And if and by the way, if you're over, 100 well, if you're over 99.101 100.4 Okay. If you're over whatever. We will not allow you to listen to the show. We'll have to quarantine you. Eso Anyway, call us 87762. 96 and 96. All right, we will take a break. We'll get this thing going coming up Big show today. Lots of things planned so We'll be ready for it. Now. A message from the state of Utah about voting time to vote time to vote. That's the 2020 general election. I think at this point don't mail your ballot. If you goto Vote dot Utah dot gov. There's a list of ballot dropoff places You can put your belt right in the ballot, but I don't know for sure. But I think the one of the library downtown in downtown Salt Lake, I think that one is on the right side. So that you could just pull up and reach out your window and dropped the ballot in not like the ones at the the city government building up out on 21st ST that's on the wrong side. But do it anyway. Go find a ballot box. Drop your ballot in there. But if you want a vote by mail, there's still time to do that to you as long as this postmark by November 2nd. So then course election day November 3rd, So find your ballot boxes. Track your ballot. Learn about the candidates. Whatever you need to do. Go to vote, not Utah Doctor Gull. On Halloween day. It's another Larry H. Miller used car supermarket X 96 fake festival. Listen to this all.

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