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Green. It's been bad luck from to the last time. So if you see him show up in the whole thing Definitely pick against him. But i'm going to have to fade to alaba. Despite i liked justin jacoby. I think he can get out of that first round if he doesn't actually catch cute elaborate early any get out first round and make it a rough Decision if he asked to go there but either way i got koby by picking them in yemen on looking at his record right now i mean. He's won t three four five six seven win. Straight seven wins to them in the uc in up one account the contender series. It's it's it's going to be a good scrap man. I'm picking dustin of just for that reason he's is a bad motherfucker man in these communities gonna bring it to the whole. I think a kid alaba easily could be cut to from this yesterday because this one's gonna if he loses this. This is a third loss. Yeah you could be thinking about or not surprising It happened not surprising. It'll be bella tori pf l. or go fucking bare knuckle or look at other promotion. We city examined me. Xm yeah that's your wash lately. They might. I don't know but either way is what it is the lineup of fighters they showed out last time. I kind of forgot. Most guys still competed. So that's xm card man. It'd be pretty bad ass for now for now. Who knows i mean. Three fights could be in because of covid so or enjoy. Yeah i know. Jesus but the next five offers for sean strickland krista jaakko rate matchmaking. Man this is what sixteen against seventeen very proper mansan strengthens been on runs. Its came back Jock goes on to those guys. That anytime i pick against him he wins and when i pick him he loses he's get But man is he tough bastards in the afc but shawn strict on such that arise manage a come back to the top. Gets into the top fifteen i. I'm assuming if he gets the winter. So sean strip in could be a low key guy. Rise in rankings fighting tough guys at eighty five. I will go with john. Strictly ma'am i think he can get job. You can get a finnish. One senior man totally agree with you. Just said pecan sean. Very young. thirty years old. He's still definitely getting better. Man on i mean shapiro. Put brennan out. His last outing. Brennan allen came back to win on. I think he was talking smack about him and the media day to strickland was yeah. He's a definitely a guy that you probably have to go through to get to the top of of eighty five at least entry entering the top. Fifteen you gotta go through. And he made the top ten by ten years and then the next fight. The that's on the main card. Morad versus cody. Stay man i mean. Come mark dude. You're matching up a number twelve to number sixty two according to technology. I think it hasn't been as feather way to dot cody statement. Because i think he's. He's competed most of his career at thirty five but phillies grinder man. Like that guy is like what is he. Still trying to. Ray longo Each time out. He's just he's like could be type style. And i mean the the dominant mesler cody statement is in need a great wrestler to He's just a really like built like reminds me of What's his name is names that my mind at thirty five early as a team alpha male his name last time we did see. Besides i'll remember it. S time machine developed. Philly was while back man. It was back in august almost a full year when he fought are john dodson. He's at a couple of cancelled fights. The fight with damon has been previously cancelled. The fight with rony barcellos definitely interesting. I don't know how what happened there. If it got cancelled your ovid. But i was really looking forward to that matchup They re book these guys for are reason cody stayman. That guy is a tough out in the he can get past the first round with him. He's usually pretty damped up to get out of there Devos fees a grinder and grind him to the end. And i got him by decision. And the start off the main cartman pollyanna batallio. Rece- is luanna catalina. It'd be a good scrap man. I mean Luana she's been bringing a man didn't bringing it and with pollyanna but you know they're they're there for a reason like you always say you know they they put these fights said wherever they land. But it's gonna be a good fight between these two ladies start off the main event at flyweight man to pick pickles fight I had to like i. I gotta go tell you not to get into in depth with every match up. We have going down. We still got quite a few to go. But i do that. Flyweight botello is pretty damn good and carolina's had a little bit of time off so Issue to see what happens here because this is the first fight to kick off the main card. so hopefully it does deliver Telephone the fight because we got a little bit of time. Man if picked the one you're interested in the prelims I like the kyko. Tj brown fight. That's a really good fight. But i'm really low key wondering how. Gabriel mobley benita is still fighting hard and he's fighting john fierce man es i mean the nita's has been to combat days. Lean believe he fought ballantyne right you. He's been everywhere bro. Let's just put it that. I remember breaking down. Fights are talking about him ten years ago in a ufc. I think so but it hasn't been around. Yeah if you really know you've seen or you know get your you gotta know the name. Gabriel magri benita. Isn't it and he's thirty two years old now like he's an old cat to you. Know i think he's still trains aka. So that's always trained and his last three four five in top duck creek. Tough bastard ma'am. The morale morales fi defaults abusive. I counted him. I picked him in those fights and his last one is really good against justin gaines so I can't pick against me bananas man. That's a fight that i'm looking forward to each time. He's up there. He delivers a hell of fights. But when you look at that one and The run the markle's man. I think she said you know like you always will. We say it's low key fighters where she's going to bring a man. I think the lineup narrow doesn't have a in my opinion. Is you know everybody's got their opinions. People get her with our opinions but random. I teach teaches. Hopefully come jan wins. Even though she's lost three in a row. I vote as she does. Win.

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