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Miami, Texas, Esteban Santiago discussed on The Savage Nation


A history of mental problems he even made contact with the fbi in alaska where he was living to say he'd been hearing voices and his mental condition might be why he flew from anchorage to fort lauderdale with a gun in his checked luggage a gun he retrieved after landing and used to start shooting he killed five people wounded six others today in a miami federal court santiago tells the judge is mind is clearer than ever and he admits his guilt and after he tells his family in spanish i want this evan brown fox news face life in prison fox news just confirming that the president's soninlaw and senior adviser jared kushner now has full security clearance you initially had interim clearance but then it was downgraded after chief of staff john kelly issued new rules on security clearances the fbi has since completed kushner's file kushner's attorney just releasing a statement noting he was one of the i to voluntarily cooperate with any investigation more lawsuits filed over a religious display at a state capital esteban santiago former national guardsmen had a history of mental problems he even made contact with the fbi in alaska where he there's a fight to remove a ten commandments display installed on the arkansas state capitol grounds last month opponents filing federal lawsuits to have it removed arguing it an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by government a two thousand fifteen law required arkansas to allow the privately funded monument which was reinstalled after the original version was destroyed by a man who crashed his car into it the six thousand pound granite displays now flanked by four concrete barriers fox's lilian woo the arkansas monuments a replica of a display at the texas capital that was upheld by the us supreme court in two thousand five brady fox.

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Miami, Texas, Esteban Santiago discussed on The Savage Nation

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