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The the the the law but but it's interesting because what is a stephen smith on espn said trump's winning this oh yeah that a longer this definitely gonna longer this goes on smith argued the trump is successfully hijacked the issue and that the players were probably need to find a different way to demonstrate to be effective turn this into an issue about patriotism and beyond he's catering to his base in the process in the biggest thing is doing is he's a he's pulling it a all off hiding behind find these issues now this is the interesting thing is because two stephen a smith this all goes back to trump not bidding high enough to buy the buffalo bills everything goes back to my fellow bill jan everything does that even though i'm not watching rut and they're going to the zoo here in his heat to hey no they're not now from what i heard about their offense of the last game he's turn and i say heard because i haven't seen even any other the islets of it and not as high all eyes these numbers scores he's turned it into an issue of our patriotism and beyond smith said he's catering to his base in the process and the biggest thing is doing is he's pulling it off all hiding behind these issues when in my opinion the real agenda is going after an nfl community that didn't let him in that good old boys club you know what that means eating it the bills right well he didn't bed high enough to the burt for the bills who had a bit high enough even when the order for the bills etiquette bid nine hundred nine hundred million i think that's what he between nine hundred million and a billion and terry polar a bid one point four solve it wasn't gonna go to trump bon jovi didn't get it either no oh i thought it was were that he planned to take the team on tour i applaud the to toronto because we they frenetic there so what stephen a smith this is about and i'm thinking to myself all right i think most of us will admit that trump has any go even f if you are the most loyal trump supporter out there you'd even admit he's got a pretty big ripe it little bit some people say that he's a narcissist.

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