Serena Williams, Facebook, Broncos discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


And I think thank you. a new survey forty five bike races here was forged regular season begins tonight and boy what a great rivalry to begin with yeah I wonder if they'll have spam it became a fan I of course I'll make can you imagine that going over with bears fans it is about that time does the NFL season starts tonight season number one hundred bears host the Packers in Chicago coach Matt Nagy's ready even a a long training camp and then you get into this part of it and everyone's ready to go yeah there's no doubt Packers and bears just started off at Soldier Field Broncos and raiders to close out the first weekend of regular season play Monday night in Oakland now during the pre season the Broncos first team units really didn't play a lot and when the top offense got in the results were mixed at best take Godric Fangio is keeping tabs on manta we had the struggles there you know early with the first group offense was working well it is not like we had a bunch opportunities I I don't think one or two qualifies as an epidemic you know it is something to be aware of I'm not promising that we've got it fixed but what I am saying is I don't know that it's an epidemic at Broncos Broncos raiders coverage set to go Monday at three on K. away you've been hearing about the new name and power field at mile high you can hear the interview that big Alan Jo Jo had with Broncos CEO Joe Ellis and empower retirement CEO at Murphy the third that interview link right there to the KO a Facebook page Dodgers over the rocky seven three day off for the rocks today at San Diego to start a series tomorrow aimed at the U. S. open it's the women's semis tonight Serena Williams in action against Elena submit a Lena I'm Mike rice okay away the home of the Broncos buffs and Rockies..

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