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See these types of incidents around here This is totally out of the ordinary I can't recall the last time we had this type of incident on the property on the residents of one of our ambassadors Police say they don't know why the man was at the home Christopher Cruise CBS News Washington A Ukrainian official predicts a battered port city could fall into Russian hands within hours Correspondent Charlie dagger has details from dnipro Another ultimatum another deadline to Ukrainian forces to surrender in Mario ball has just come and gone Both sides have agreed on a humanitarian corridor to allow civilians to leave but fighting rages on in cities in the south and the east Wimbledon has just announced neither second ranked daniil Medvedev nor two time Aussie champ Victoria Azarenka will be allowed to compete on the grass courts this year because of the war in Ukraine He's from Russia She is from Belarus Winds are kicking up a towering wall of flames near Flagstaff Arizona Wildfires have torn through two dozen buildings and forced people to evacuate more than 700 homes Officer John Paxton with the coconino county sheriff's department We're talking probably within a two hour period It went from ready to go A jury in Columbus Ohio has acquitted a doctor accused of ordering excessive amounts of powerful painkillers for patients with the intent of ending their lives William Hussle was charged with 14 counts of murder He claimed the fentanyl was for comfort care Two men accused of pretending to be federal officers are facing new weapons charges after prosecutors laid out more evidence against them Correspondent Catherine heritage The government alleges the defendant sought to ingratiate themselves with their D.C. neighbors in law enforcement by posing as Homeland Security agents Prosecutors allege the men had 5 apartments in a luxury building and gifted agents electronics and rent free units including a penthouse valued at over $40,000 a year The impact of all of those student loans snowballing into other aspects of life for gen zers and millennials bank rates Greg McBride Nearly 60% of U.S. adults that either have student loan debt or.

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