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Ponder what's the right balance between good information and all information all of that and more on this week's on the media from W. NYC we're thirty minutes away for on the media at midnight here on KQED public radio coming up on crowd science the clever ways marketers convince us to conceive the main thing I want to do is engage you emotionally say they really want to make sure old site you watch the ads by daily to the end you'll store and crucial information in memory and then of course that all needs to be related to the brand we investigate what the brain can tell us about what we buy and the companies taking advantage of neuroscience that some crop science from the BBC world service BBC news with I need to queue president trump has pushed back his estimates of when the United States is likely to begin easing its coronavirus lockdown Mr trump said that deaths from code nineteen could peak in the United States by mid April around the time when he had earlier said he planned to reopen the country billions of dollars are needed to prevent millions of coronavirus deaths in the poorest countries according to the relief group Oxfam it says that the challenge in developing countries is much greater because of poorly equipped public health systems your pollution levels appears to have dropped in European cities since movement restrictions were introduced data from the European environment agency should Madrid's levels more than hopped off to non essential travel was done two weeks ago as containment measures entering force in Zimbabwe foreign currencies are once again being allowed for local transactions if I were to say the move will help to mitigate the effect of the pandemic this really it has unveiled a further big financial package to help buoy the economy which is undergoing its worst buffeting for three decades it includes a job keep a subsidy to help businesses retain six million jobs over the next six months the number of coronavirus cases there have risen to four thousand president xi jin ping has exhorted Chinese firms to resume activity as the corona virus pandemic continues to diminish in the country when it started he said the government would just support policies for small and medium size business to protect them from the economic fallout of the pandemic and the rapid response unit created by the British government to tackle the spread of fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus is reported to be dealing with as many as ten incidents a day scams range from fake text messages telling people they've been fined for breaking the rules about staying at home to false information online ABC news hello and welcome to crab signs on money Chesterton this is the show that takes your science questions and travels the world looking for offices currently when not traveling anyway we recording during the current virus crisis and people in London stocking up in case the confined to their homes I'm in my local supermarket which is impressively empty she was all over the world and the third it's making me want to buy what is left I'm not panic buying obviously the server no my flower while some here okay Chris submitted there.

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