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Okay and that was i mean it's amazing it's like it is the it is probably the first film that i saw that i was like oh right you have to see this it's like that and like in like lawrence of arabia and those kind of like sixties huge epoch cinemascope you know putting there's been it is we're now at the fiftieth anniversary of the release of two thousand and one and it's a super important movie and really important to remember a couple of things that i find really shocking there are no oh motion control shots in two thousand and invented yeah we were still years from the first dykstra flex and oh what's the decks for that was john did i believe that's the first motion control camera that john dykstra built for lucas vogue for star star was okay so all the spaceship shots in two thousand i could be wrong and i'm sorry if i'm wrong but all the spaceships jetsons doesn't want someone slowly pushing dali towards a stationery shop right and now this is sixty eight so it's nine years before star wars it's like it's given its vision of life in space it's an astounding chief well it went it and it used used images from one of the space probes price from pioneer right i can't jupiter shots and all that stuff i actually don't remember i this is not something i'll look that up on my pocket internet device into the internet fervor over the fiftieth anniversary has yielded a brand new nut conspiracy theory but i talk about the theme of the movie.

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