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Now back to sports overnight America with Jeff. Welcome back to the show everyone. Thanks for staying with us tonight for she Scott on the other side of the class. Always produce. Great shows for us. They're up in San Francisco, Maryland, Barra here in Phoenix. Arizona always giving the final score updates. Ed. Let's see, we have a final from Anaheim, the Houston Astros, fall, fourteen to one to Seattle and we not finding we'll get you caught up somehow someway that game still happen. I wanna talk about the hard Hartford yard goats who had Rico Garcia or who had a combined no hitter. They are the Colorado Rockies w affiliate. They were playing in the eastern league against the Trenton thunder where the Yankees AA affiliate and just like the Yankees, do something vicious dirty regal Garcia, lease down a bunk with one out during no hitter in the ninth inning and reaches base. And after the game the team. Push came to shove quite literally and you had a little frock on the field after the game. Also of note that the major league baseball draft took place this week. And we've got quite a few bloodlines tro, Palamos, second cousin gets drafted the Pittsburgh Pirates Magog Cairo son Christian drafted one hundred and thirtieth. Overall by the Cleveland Indians, Glenallen hill, as a kid Clinton ill junior, glamour, Glenallen hill, coming over from Toronto in believes the Joe Carter trade back in. Actually, that'd be wrong but yeah, I do. Remember Alan hill. Mark wouldn't come over in some kind of trade between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Cleveland Indians. And of course, you've got Dominic Fletcher brother David is starring for the angels. He was drafted out of Arkansas by the Diamondbacks, but Bobby wood junior, the big name as far as bloodline goes as there was also a top five overall pick that's going to do it for us tonight. My name's Jeff rich..

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