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Are based on. Cdc's state and Local Government recommendations if you are eligible than you can select the appropriate testing location again university of Northern Colorado among them and appointment time and receive an email confirmation with pre appointment paperwork. When you arrive for a test you need to have a photo. Id Ready and leave those car. Windows rolled up for check in a healthcare practitioner will then approach a car and alert. You went to roll down the window now. The tests use those self administered nasal swabs which are less painful because you're a member of the nasal swabs that looked like twigs and it was kind of like you had to drive this up into your brain. I mean they were terrifying. They truly were. These are more. They more approximate tip. And it's just a very simple test that you can do yourself So once again much less painful and designed to increase safety test results can be expected with in approximately forty eight to seventy two hours. This king supers extends their free covert nineteen drive through testing through may thirtieth and among the locations. Where you can get those. Self administered enable nasal swabs in order to detect in nineteen the University of Northern Colorado. Seven eleven now thirteen ten. Kfi A thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com pulled. This piece out of the Denver Post just wanted to pass this information along Piece by Mag Win Garter Colorado reports the first corona virus outbreaks linked to child care centers now for adults one child testing positive for a cove. Nineteen this according to new data released on Wednesday by the State's public health department all of the cases related to childcare where in the Denver Metro Orchard Valley Learning Center this in Arapahoe County reported to adults and one child tested positive. The other adult cases where at the Learning Experience Westminster in Jefferson County? Now children are at a lower risk for severe complications have covered nineteen though as we learned yesterday during our conversation with a virus experts and microbiologists at Dodger Dean Heart. At least three children in New York have died from an immune overreaction to the virus far six thousand one hundred ten of Colorado's copay nineteen cases and six hundred and seventy three debts have been two two hundred six outbreaks across the state that means about thirty percents of all cases and sixty. Three percents of all deaths have come from a known outbreak all-told Colorado has recorded and This was a piece that was written about eight hours ago. Recorded one thousand sixty two deaths and twenty thousand four hundred seventy five confirmed or suspected cases of cove nineteen since the virus was first detected in the stage in early. March outbreaks have been reported of course. And we've talked about this in a dairy plant a mushroom farm six grocery stores seventeen food manufacturing facilities eleven prisons or jails the vast majority of Colorado's still in facilities serving The older population those with disabilities of the one hundred ninety two active outbreaks one hundred and thirty four were in residential care facilities five outbreaks..

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