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Told josina anderson it's three years forty two million ian rapoport adds that it's roughly twenty five million guaranteed and i called him out and i've already been texting back and forth and i don't think he appreciated i called him out because i said by roughly he means not even close to that here's the problem and i'm going to start holding people accountable for the bogus initial reports what's the cliche the lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on when rappaport reported on saturday night that richard sherman's deal with the forty niners is three years thirty nine million that was just flat wrong it was false it was truly fake news we hear that term get used in the context of its news i don't wanna hear it's true news that is adverse to my interests no three years thirty nine for sherman is fake now oh but it's close enough it's three years up to thirty nine that's a huge distinction that's a huge distinction sherman has millions of that thirty nine tied to things he may never do roster bonus of two million per year playing time incentive of ninety percent d understand how hard it is to get the ninety percent of the entire defensive snaps of the season you miss one game and part of another and you're screwed if the forty niners to the delight of rob stats carreira would clinch the number one seed in the nfc and they've got three meaningless games at the end of the year and they decide to rest sherman there goes it's gone through no fault of his own it's gone i hate playing time incentives because they create the potential for landing right close to the line and the team taking advantage of the opportunity to save some money and then the pro bowl incentive he's got no control over that what if enough players and coaches and fans realize you know what we don't really kind of sick of this guys act what if he ends up being a bigger loud mouth than ever this year and people just don't like him this year he's not a likable figure and they just don't vote form for the pro bowl.

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