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Larson shows and these kids who come they become Americans before a lot of Americans become American, honestly, provocative talk radio. Anybody who would betray their ideals just to make money in China isn't worth it like a spit. Oh, this is not going to be the country of white people know here's your host. We can reduce the cost of government by eliminating billions lost to waste and fraud in the federal bureaucracy, Lords alerts and welcome back to the Lars Larson show. It's a pleasure to be with you on a Monday night. Always glad to get your phone calls and your emails at 866. Hey, Lars. That's 8664395 to 77 emails. Go to talk at Lars Larson dot com. Can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris still call themselves the champions of women women's rights when they abandoned Afghanistan's women to the hands of the Taliban? The FBI has come up empty handed and had searched to prove the left January 6th insurrection narrative. What does that mean? With thousands of students forced to mask up as they return to school? Nancy Pelosi dines unmasked with billionaires in Napa, California and take just a moment to cast a vote. In my Twitter poll, you'll find a brand new question each and every night doesn't cost anything to vote, and you don't have to be registered. Kind of like American elections. Our Twitter poll question tonight. Will you take the fighter Covid vaccine now that it's been approved fully by the FDA, and in apparently record time, imagine that you have to announced this morning that it had granted full approval to the fighter bio in Tech coronavirus vaccine for those ages, 16 and older and boy, did they get it done quickly. I suspect politics may have played a role in that. So will you take it now that it's fully approved? The question can be found at Lars Larson show. Also at Lars Larson, calm and brought to you by a Mack a great conservative organization. Unlike a R P I wouldn't go within 10 ft of that group. Uh, a Mac has the conservative values I've always believed in. I joined the group and you can too very easily. Just go to a m A C dot us. Or call 888 to 6 to 2000 and six A Mac is better better for you. You and better for America On Friday. I ask you, this does Biden's failure to properly exit Afghanistan in any way? That isn't complete humiliation? Does it make him impeachable? 80% of you said Yes. Only 20% of you said No. And yet there are people saying, Yeah, we had to impeach Donald Trump for that speech he gave on January the sixth, but no impeaching. Joe Biden because he put 15,000 Americans in harm's way because we now have 6000 or so troops. Do you know one of the stories that amazed me the most this past weekend. There were some Americans who were stuck in a hotel. Now I want you to imagine this. The hotel is 200 metres. Think if I do my math right about 240 yards from the airport. And we send helicopters to pick them up and take them to the airport. And if you wonder They had to be taken by helicopter to cross 800 ft. From their hotel to the airport. That's just how dangerous this whole situation is. In any case, consider that And if you want to join the best conversation and talk journalism, your calls are welcome Every night of the week and.

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