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Being taught at West Point. That time is that gentleman's Warfare Napoleonic warfare? We stand on fat. Comanche Indians didn't play by those rules. So. What happens, is they? They realized that they're. overwhelmed. They don't know what they're doing. The, so they didn't. They decide to bolster the infantry by sending dragoons out. which dragoons are mounted infantry. Rather, horse into battle can get off the horse to thought. And then he also send artillery out here and I explained it this way whenever especially when I'm talking to children. In the middle of the railroad tracks, you don't WanNa. Get hit by train. What do you do you get off the tracks? Okay? If you're looking down the barrel of a and you don't WanNa get shot based can and what do you do you move out of the way? So Kenan was pretty much useless against it sound. It was loud. In For. That reason only would have any kind of effect, but it was never put into play for any kind of skirmishes ever. Introduced artillery out here, but steel that Napoleonic warfare is the name of how to play in the military had been told numerous times. You're not going to beat the Comanche by doing that. I think John Coffee Hays. The famous Texas Ranger actually pled with the military department. San, Antonio you've got to use a revolver in. You've gotTA train your soldiers on horseback. But you're say you're a commander in the military and you get this. trashy look in. Texas Ranger show because they were. What they were, they didn't. Tobago stains down there wearing buckskin. Who is he to tell me? I just graduated from West Point highly educated, so you know you just think that that kind of mentality well by eight, hundred, fifty, five, eighty four. They're realizing that they've got to do something else so Jefferson Davis. He was Secretary War Tom. He creates the cavalry. And of course, that's the famous second cavalry is what was sent.

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