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Do you guys want to talk about your emotional experience? Here's Amanda salis. The roller coaster is real, and even reflecting it's still really emotional for for all of us. But I think for me, the reason why it was so motion is because the place that I live in doesn't get the type of coverage that it should be getting all the time. And so when these crises were happening, we'd have hordes of national media, and these national organizations going down to the run valley and taking a lead and creating their own narratives. And then when the crises were done, they'd leave. And so like for me who's a native there. That's great. We're getting national tensions. Not the right narrative, we like it, but we're getting attention we're getting some funds, and then they leave, and you're just we gotta keep doing the work because everybody else left and those are real things that happen all the time. I know that they happened in our communities all the time. So the roller coaster of this is absolutely accurate. The way that I was feeling in the whole twelve months. I mean there were times when. When we would find out that like with battleground Texas, we registered fifty thousand people in Texas, and we were super excited. And then we'd find out that like on, on during early vote, you know what the what the margin was before election day. And so, there really was that get excited, we're almost almost there and then like something would just knock you back on your ass, again, the reality of things Marcel, the high school student describes his experience for me. Our whole egg movements goal was to push young turn out in the state, Texas was was dead last in the nation for voter turn out. And so it was quite think after election damning on election day we all the hotel and kind of just cried and let ourselves. Go and kind of also hoped we would go, but I think the next day you kinda Tanna check in and look at how many how many seats across the state, we're one because of Beddoes just how increased turn out on the state, the fact that we weren't last anymore. The fact that young folks, did turn out this, this astronaut astronauts, I can't say the word crazy rate. Yes, mean it was it was cool. It was it's sad. But it's also really exciting to see Texas on track to just flip. And also being a part of that is really, really cool. Now, Shannon gay. I'm a personal faith, believe it or not spider, my trash mouth. I teach Sunday school. But on election night, it was it was I had. If any of you are people have faith, you'll know what that peace that surpasses all understanding. I had it that night I had it that because I communicated to our other ambassadors, beco- didn't lose shit this young man added another degree tilt to this entire planet. Okay. He changed the entire political landscape. Okay. But I had this feeling in my heart that just be still something better is coming. I had Garrett Garrett Hage from MSNBC ask us at an event you think he's gonna run again. I said fuck. No. We watched him lose thirty pounds. I took a picture of him the back of him and have no ask, and I sent it to Cynthia said, you need to take him to golden corral, and let him get his freak on, because he doesn't have anything there hold his pants up. And there was heartbreaking. And so when you guys see the part where he's fussing at Cynthia. In Austin, I wanted to turn around and bitch slapping, because we have physically put him in the car strapped him in only to have somebody come up and get one more picture. When more picture in cynthia's, having a grand mal seizure in the passenger side going to please he gets out. That's five more people. Twenty minutes off schedule. So when he's fussing at her. Nightmare. You hemorrhoids, why do you do that because he is just exactly what you see? But I have the sense of peace in, then he comes back and says, you run for president God. But so I had a great deal of comforting that because like I said he's, he's the one he's the one he's the one we've been waiting for so..

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