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Already WANNA find out about. Yourself. You'll company figure of I thinking. And of course as a mentioned that beginning you went to. To college she went to one in the in the states studying the an anthropology at vessel collision USA went to university named lived in London. So I don't even know if we might have met because I studied at University of London but Beck studied politics and society which oversees A. Vest. Topic at a moment in America what will over world really force going to Wait. When did he go to? University Westminster. I I earned my PhD at the University of Westminster. In London and I was there from two thousand, six to twenty ten by wasn't actually living in London because the way the doctoral system is set up on. To make. Trips there about three trips a year. So in enabled me to work time while I was earning my doctorate so you still wouldn't have space, but it doesn't you traveled to London to see supervisor and stuff like that correct gray area. I sound what? Go Up on but Malaysia was dissertation in worse that bump. It was narrow on the college was named Aswa can Scott working at Saint Thomas all so Yeah. Yeah. London's a great place in a just say. Philadelphia's always hear about Philadelphia and its place us in my bucket list to say, yeah, a lot to visit. Farmer always at from from New York. And Ninety minute drive. Oh. Right it's right between New York, city and Washington DC The nation's capital on up into New York. So many times. So I apologize for not making a little trip just to. Get the hell will. Show next I'm going there. But some. Yes. PhD In. Design Management. which is a lot different to the. Proletarian Africanness studies but of course, people do different things that they really winning in the academic journey. How. Did it go from jump from anthropology to to go to design management before? Working for you company figure of thinking. Yeah. So have a very loopy background and I've always followed my heart I. I really thrive in interdisciplinary fields. I've never been. particularly. Happy in a very kind of silo narrow way of working and so anthropology quits me with the skill set to do qualitative research to ask questions very differently and to have what I call the worms idea view society I actually earned a master's degree as well from Thomas Jefferson University in global textile marketing because I started hat design business might twenties really got the bug for business and fashion. and. That degree actually took me to study in Israel in Germany and then I was I worked in the fashion industry in global sourcing and worked for a division of the limited brands. And lived in Washington, Sri Lanka and Portugal and traveled throughout Asia sourcing underwear for Victoria's secret brand. I became a professor. I was professor for Sixteen Years last year's. We're in the states or traffic at. States in the United States at Philadelphia University okay. And you still The now is professor. I resigned academia twenty seventeen. I I'm the president of figuring thinking side and must creativity strategists old time right. So tell me more about Figura by what they do and what you do they always at your own company..

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