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Play it on the nearside clear it out. At things going to slow down and up, and then it stolen by Sundquist van trying to Senator road is that big rig was Poland right down the middle of the slot. Like e was. Going in for a refill at a truck. Stop the highway seventy. That's about exactly what it looked like. Ruin is there? Back in his own at Smith Pelly gets it takes. It shoots it and say by Alan by forty four to go with a third period. Awful portray. Angelo, not outs belly holds it in boy going after it with Edmonson Edmonson chips at it comes to the line reaching the get out. It's ivan. Barbara's Jeff gets it in over the line where he's tripped up knocked down oka- behind the net with five and a half to go. That's the Washington defense disconnect for the nearside plays that one over the line for Chandler Stevenson rolls. It into the Travis Boyd Boyd gets checked to the wall. They battle on the nearside collegiate player at the university of Minnesota boy since it into the slot. Here's a shadow. All right pad save then I ended up on day Smith belly. He has made some terrific saves tonight. Allowing so far just one goal on Twenty-eight shock even making it with pretty much every limit his body. Blocker glove bolt has everywhere for Jake out shit behind the neck. Any offensive zone hands. It off the shorts jaded dumbs out of the corner. Blue light full Easter rich look for an angle and Connolly gets a stick on it. And it goes up all the.

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