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A remarkable public health showdown is taking place right now in dallas county texas where covert cases are spiking. The state supreme court just upheld the gop government is bound on mosque mandates. Well today was the first day of school in dallas. County and the superintendent is defying. Both the governor and the court by making kids wear masks. Dr michael hosa joins me to talk about his decision. Next it's the first day of school in dallas texas today where cova cases are surging and schools are taking safety matters into their own hands today in dallas. County one of the largest school districts in the state over one hundred thousand kids were told to come to class with their mosques on. that's despite rolling from the texas supreme court which sided with republican governor. Greg abbott's bound on. Musk mandates decision by the court which is made up of all republican. Justices is temporary but until a final decision is made kids in dallas county. Schools will be mosque regardless of the court's order. That's because the dallas independent school district superintendent. Michelina hosa is defying that ruling. And he joins me. Now thank you so much for coming on the show this evening. You had a moss. Monday in effect today. How did that go. was it difficult in false. No actually it was quite a positive and in fact it all started happening. Twenty four hours ago we try to plan as to. How are we going to execute our first day. 'cause we got the last minute bali and then when i went to the schools today it was amazing. It was nothing short of phenomenal. A have we have over. One hundred forty thousand students go to school today and i have reports that there. Three students who were not compliant One to at one high school another student. So what this tells me that we're on the site of justice but on the side the people believe in what we're doing as you can see by the pictures here that they know that win very dangerous zone. Despite what the you know elected officials are saying in austin and our own reality. You can't control people this way. If they're not going to be willing to participate then they will shun us. But i was very clear is that people are scared and they aren't going to take precautions to make sure that we're safe for the for now hand for the future so i was very proud of Dallas today

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