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Thanksgiving. Thank you this morning to the military from President Trump on a conference. Call shade your great. Great warriors. Hello and happy thanksgiving. We're celebrating thanksgiving over the United States as you know. And you're celebrating it wherever you are at all parts of the world earlier, the president going after a federal court on Twitter calling the ninth circuit, quote, a complete and total disaster. ABC's Emily row says it's the latest in a string of criticisms of the court that drew the attention of the head of the supreme court Justice John Roberts says we should all be grateful for the independent judiciary. After President Trump again slammed a federal judge who ruled against him. This was an Obama judge. In a statement Roberts said we do not have Obama judges or Trump judges Bush judges or Clinton judges heavy rains in the forecast in parts of California already ravaged by wildfires experts say that could set off mudslides, the death toll in the fires at either end of the state now up to eighty six more. Than five hundred people still unaccounted for officials in India are now trying to figure out how to recover the body of an American John Chow killed by members of a tribe who live on a remote island ABC's James Longman says he was taken there by local fishermen after dropping at the island, the fishermen say they returned and saw what they believed to be his body being buried on the shore and a knickebocker police say he was likely killed with bows. And arrows, according to journals Chow kept published by the Washington Post. It successfully made it onto the island a few days earlier bearing gifts Nissan has now fired its chairman of the board Carlos gone being let go today amid accusations that he under reported his income for years, and the UK may be closing in on a Brexit deal. Prime Minister Theresa may this morning says an agreement is in the reach. This comes after the EU and UK struck a deal on.

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