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Good morning. I'm Peter Finch hears what's happening. With just three days until Election day, hundreds of uber and lift drivers gathered Saturday and protest outside the open call see him against prop 22. While many ride share drivers want to remain independent contractors case, CBS's Jeffrey Shout reports. These drivers absolutely do not proposition 22 would. In a nutshell. Reverse portions of State Assembly Bill five, which went into effect January 1st it classified uber and lift another gig drivers as employees, not independent contractors, as they were before and provide an array of benefits. Long time. Whoever driver John Mahir Are trying to buy their way out of the law. The law basically says that good because, like drivers to be two dozen sharing mercy, why stop driving in March But lift my major source of income prior today and Jevon driving for live for approximately three years and had Sherman over 12,000 passengers, she says she had to pay for gas maintenance and insurance and what I wasn't being paid for. It was Overtime, sickly disability leave reimbursement expenses. But yes on prop 22 backers say If enacted, it would provide drivers with insurance and other benefits. It's estimated that uber lift indoor Dash has spent $200 million backing prop 22. Neither company was immediately available for comment. At the Oakland Coliseum. Jeffrey Shab KCBS police in Oakland have set up a new tip line specifically for people to report illegal, shied side show activity. KCBS.

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