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By forty eight year K. R. L. the why is the red cross leaving that's coming up after we check your traffic and weather together on the H. Julian Rogers all right we're wrapping up a couple of areas six thirty five east still had moved to the light the right shoulder that was at Jupiter it's gone now so hopefully things will start to pick up but I'll tell you what looking at the very back into traffic which is somewhere between the Galleria and Preston road it's a lot of brake lights and so it'll still be over thirty minutes to get into ski at least from this point you got keep in mind you still have traffic coming from farmers branch so this wave of delay it will probably not settle down here for you very soon anyway all it's going to take a look at the turnpike in Carrollton upregulate looking much better westbound at Dickerson you had a crash blocking the two right lanes and really Gemma things up from around Josie but the pretty much got that taken care of now and speeds are on the way back up westbound thirty before Coxhill that accident clearing on the right shoulder traffic still relaxing from around sylvan and in Duncanville see a problem right now south on sixty seven around Weakland road got a report of an accident trying to nail down what lane Nancy and if you happen to see it would really like to hear from you at two one four two one nine ten eighty an S. traffic have the almost back to camp wisdom so you're noticing some new delays there and I am noticing some new delays heading out towards a lead on west bound twenty so right at the merge with thirty that's where everything comes to a grinding halt and it looks like the problem the source of it is going to be passed eleven eighty seven as you get between the lead on willow park and that definitely some activity in there this is more than likely an accident so get ready to be on the brakes for a spell and if you're betting on I thirty towards downtown fort worth let's see how that looks ready for west about thirty thirty five W. actual obstruction that accident it is gone it's still pretty slow back to Oakland past that point in Arlington self on three sixty at Trinity the accidents on the right shoulder mainly to get by slowly but they're getting my find that backup is pretty heavy to one eighty three and westbound twenty you'll find some sluggish conditions from Matlock to Kelly Elliott and thirty five north round grow Hebron parkway in Lewisville there is no longer an accident on the right side of the road there but there is still some heavy traffic if you're trying to get from business one twenty one up to like Dallas I'm Julie Rogers next report at five fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when they happen we know a thing or two your weather for bear to financial services company RW Baird Texas dot com tonight showers and storms are likely in there still barreling through the.

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