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Man so good yeah did I do this already let the world and melt with and Burger King okay this we did about a month ago real quick got that one we've died in your arms tonight yes cutting through may and the final put final promotion of the look like a circular saw Bladen it's a great song okay here's one of the this I have to be quick on this one too yeah I know what it is this guy was in the studio with us yeah I think the movie saying almost great there's a picture of the Bogart our inability I loved is ninety ninety I think their rates on this is like ninety ninety only the exact opposite okay here we go again we're in the panties in the person all of you guys are good and you guys are very it totally changes from the warranty whatever our right no no that's Graham Nash Graham Nash wrote the song just the song before I go in some sort of it you can't resolve before the limo gets or something enter into it they were right right are you kidding it's a great song I think I'm on the right okay I hope this works okay is this one it won't lady gonna shows a great song and I know I I got it you've got check out all right down here we go well right yeah I hate computers.

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