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Were hoping I was going to stay down with you. You thought you're gonna have a whole month of no Sami Jayna life that he's back, baby, and he's stronger than ever. Didn't care to me. So Katherine sitting there and thought, OK, I could get used to this. You have very good. Now was it was a reaction to the flu shot. Do you think I couldn't? Say with any Accuracy was a little bit of exhaustion. Little bit of I know my body will Virginia and I know sometimes, But please don't finish that sentence. It takes control of me See? See you really should listen to me. Oh, you're supposed to report adverse reactions, by the way they want to know. The authorities. So you let your arm doctor or your Jeb know that? No, actually, you know, Robin just sort of feeling a bit blurred for 24 hours. It made me feel quite bad. So just a notification just they do want to know that they're not just that they follow the batch is because you know better is different one to the other, whether it be the flu or AstraZeneca or anything else. So bear that in mind, they're always happy to hear from you. If direction is pretty intense. It was pretty intense on Saturday, Not a will. So actually, at about five past 11 I turned green ripped off my clothes instead of fighting crime all night. Long was weird. Yeah, and then you turned back into the weedy little guy that you are. Probably sorry, Virginia. That was a fever dream that you described. That's not real. That's what happens when you have the adversarial into the citizens whose lives I saved. You turn green. You rip the shirt off your brave You're a crime fighter. So riddle me this Your honor for made a tinny your 11 kilometers offshore. You're about to throw the line over and all the sudden sorry. What's that? In the corner of my tiny Oh, my goodness. It's a tiger snake. What? We'll go on a boat on a full, major tinny. Living kind of short. What do you do? Green, The angry man. Tell me what you do. Obviously, I pick up this thing I spin it around like a sort of wit. And then I take a bite of its head because I'm just that awesome. I jump out over. I think I think just streaking up to whom did this happen? This happened to the guy, the 80 year old fisherman who is joining me on the program to tell you the story. Don't tell me that you've got anything that you want to do this morning. That's more important than that. Sounds like a breakfast story, not a Virginia story. I've been there, but I got it. I got it. And you and here I am talking electric vehicles. This is a role reversal. Well, now we'll take that food out because the minister Lily de Ambrosio is joining us this morning to talk about the state government. Ambitious climate targets on this is interesting puts Victoria in a similar place and in line with South Australia in the CT, and to some extent, New South Wales. Question this morning for the minister is whether she believes it's the state's now who are going to drag the Commonwealth and federal government to more ambitious emissions reduction targets or not, or whether they just decided to go it alone. And I really want to hear from business and commerce. Today. This is incomes are not not all the same thing. They do not have the same outlook. They do not have the same business models. They don't have the same view of this on day. Can't all be put into the same basket his, you know old, they'll cry. Too hard, too fast or not enough. They'll be very different reactions and I really want to hear from business today. Their response to these ambitious cuts, no scratch ambitious to these cuts. Well, I mean, it's actually where the world needs to go right. We'll just wait. Nobody's taking the U. S. And it's certainly It was a fascinating announcement by the Molina government yesterday. I see what you did there between you Stay still. Sorry. Seriously, stay Absolutely still, there is no there is a four ft. Pathan! Tiger Snake behind you. Is it? Yes. Don't look just Oh, no, There's no okay. And we've also got best. Lumen joining other programs, starting Bury the headline. Well, might drop by deer birds learn. And why did you not come on the breakfast show instead of choosing to go with that so called journalist Virginia Tree, Ali. We'll be with you after I 30 with what sounds like a cracking show. It's three minutes to eight o'clock. I feel nothing but desire to be told what's happening on.

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