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You need to do is get in bed turn out. The light suppress women. Do the rest to attempt to do is create a safe place where you could set aside whatever scheme, you whether it said on its feelings of physical sensations changes, you know, changes in your schedule. Time temperature noise, whatever it is to take your mind off that had like to keep you company and create a safe place where he could get away from it a little bit get some distance. And women do MS send my voice across deep. Dirk item. News the lowing, soothing creaky dulcet tones. Royalist meanders russified tangents, but to go off to bec- you circular, and obviously logic a Butch other stuff, but mostly a minute try to used for friendly banter. It to keep you company. And if your new let me tell you things about the structure, the show what to expect structurally show, sir self with a couple of minutes of business as we keep it going in for then there's an intro, which would just started intros around twelve minutes in there bit longer than a concise intro. I guess it'd be the opposite concise, but they are a beloved like part of a regular sleep with me listener experiences. So your new kinda give it a chance and see what you think some listeners use it as they're getting ready for bed as part of their wind down. Because it can at the intro is also a show in his show. They fall asleep during listen for five or ten ten minutes as a drift off an actually fall asleep, some listeners, skipped intro to get straight to the story as there's no wrong way to listen to just just the despacito consumed in see how it goes. It's the intro. Content wise in the intro. It's me trying to explain what the body cast is trying to create a safe place is it's a little bit familiar, but different everytime and try to make you feel welcome. And know what to expect? But it just takes me say, well what which which part should I explain to them. And they said what was what was I talking about? And I said, well, let me think about this and say, oh, wait, I'm trying to explain the structure the show. And then twelve minutes have gone by in, you know, maybe thirty percent of the audiences asleep. So that says intro, then there's the the story which tonight you're in for a treat because it's a real time recipe where it's a bit like a cooking show. But if the end of it, you say net sure was earning food prepared. Did I learn a no you it's your either comforted or put to sleep by?.

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