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I kind of just want to forget this ever happened. I want to forgive him and I want to forget him wage that's iconic. I think we'll end on that note. I don't think we're going to be able to talk that if people are interested in following whatever you've got going on. Where can people find you. It's Laguna underscore biatch on Instagram on you know, if you search my podcast just Laguna biatch my in my Twitter handle is John Laguna bhi G. And then I also have a YouTube channel where I've uploaded a lot of cast interviews again Laguna Beach. I love it and I highly recommend you check out if you're looking for like some early too early 2000s Nostalgia or just want to like dive back into something that seems so I don't know pure dead. I agree like definitely check it out. Thank you so much for having me. Thanks so much for being here. I had so much fun me to okay, we'll do it again boss time for sure. Thank you again Kelly for joining me on the podcast and thank you so much for listening. Like I said at the beginning of the episode. It is almost 5 gbps second year anniversary and we're going to have a birthday party. I'm making a clip show for the anniversary episode. So if you have any clips that you want me to include make sure you get in touch as always if there's something that you want to hear more of or for me to discuss or a guess that you really liked that you want to come back home me know. I'm super open to hearing about all of those things..

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