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Bormann going on so like the fact that you know this is another tool that they can use i'm not surprised to hear that at all pretty cool and if you're a developer it's really simple because usually with of farming will go does what you need uh specialized hardware development knowledge it's a program peel season pacs this if you're an android programmer or a a i wish programmer who is transition to android if you finally seeing the light uh it's very easy it's um it's just an android foe so you're just making an android program uh an android up uh which means that apps developers a can't get into this incident of things uh area very easily uh yeah i it's it's it's been a very easy to work with to be honest and having tests belgium link using android studio to kind of plug into that now you've been yuban playing around with his hardware a little bit we've kind of been chatting back and forth but for the past couple of weeks about the idea of this this kind of segment of this kind of a oh dive into what the androids the android things dev board is but you created something with his sport a very curious to create a on seed demo safeties this is terrible and this is one of the problems with development i did um i put joy in the uh uh the time to run the tests and do the demo programs and that kind of thing and i had actually develop something really really nice and you can see the beginning of this.

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