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Then I stand by now. Yeah. I mean, I'd agree. I'd agree with that. But the only I think that the Celtics are better team. When Gordon Hayward is playing at a high level because he's playmaker. And he's passes to people kicking it out when he drives. Whereas I Bigelow well below I totally agree with you. I'm not disputing that. By any stretch. What I'm saying? Is you could have gotten to that point without throwing him into the starting lineup and forcing everybody to adjust to a player that clearly did not belong on the floor at the beginning of the season. That's what I'm saying. Right. I think you gotta get credits. Brad Stevens, though, there's so many times he could have bailed on game plan. And it seems like they're starting to turn the corner. Now with all the with all the guys are starting. And I'm saying to you Brad Stevens could have done that without cert- serving Gordon Hayward into the starting lineup at the beginning of the season. He could have done the same exact thing. Now, he didn't have to do that. And that is the point that the players felt you didn't have to do that to get to this point in the season with the team. You did not have to do that. But Gordon, hey was a good guy and a damn good player. And I'm happy that he's looks good right now because he deserves support. I gotta run. I appreciate the call. And it ain't say ESPN, it's editing. Seven to nine three seven seven six. You are listening live Stephen ESPN radio. ESPN news..

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