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News radio one thousand K. T. O. K.. well in the interest of full disclosure a I guess I should say I have a nominal amount of stock very small they are a very small amount of stock that I bought a couple years ago in in the companies that were pushing for legislation and or hoping for the legalization of marijuana I don't smoke dope never have and I was reluctant to try C. B. D. oil when I did originally a couple years ago it it actually didn't work for me I I I used to put some on my tongue I had like drops of this was using it just didn't do anything for me but I I have sort of an ongoing medical issue and and as something of talked about before on coast to coast in little bit last night and I I just out of desperation I decided to give it a shot and I went into a local shop tried it and I'm having this really surprisingly positive response to it so that's why I want as Christopher Bouchet who's been on before on coast to coast AM to give us a little bit more insight he's the guy who co wrote the first California and Colorado industrial hemp legislation act back in nineteen ninety five which still remain sort of a model for a state legislation regarding industrial hemp but he's also an expert on C. B. D. oil and he's agreed to join us on coast to coast AM and so thank you Christopher for giving us time I know you've been on coast before were you talking about CBD oil before when you were on. yes we were yeah I think it was in two thousand fourteen and it's a pleasure to be on your hand and I'm so glad you're talking about it. yeah you know it into to circle back to someone who just said the show is always been very pro hemp it not in it up for that matter to I think by and large pro marijuana legalization because it's just the freedom issue and to me that even though I don't smoke and I I just believe in government should provide more freedom to more people specially obviously adults but I I I I don't know I really I been researching it and I can't figure out why it works so I know you're not a doctor but I know you've also research this because you had to make the case for it explain I mean I know George's had a commercial on everything but C. B. D. oil is different than medicinal marijuana but I think most people may understand a bit just to to draw that line that distinction how would you explain the difference. yes then that's a good question and I always like to tell people that that C. B. D. actually regulate your serotonin in the question is what is serotonin and serotonin is a neuro transmitter that made in the brain in the intestines in what serotonin does it regulates the mood it regulates nausea appetite bone health sleep a motions even sexual functions not my problem that was the reason that wasn't the unspecified problem that I mentioned earlier I just with very clear this. yes it it really you like I said.

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