Tom Daschle, Senate, Democrat Party discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Now at eight six six eight four four seventy forty four that's eight six six eight four four 73 44 965 fm 580 wchs accuweather forecast nice afternoon sunny skies highs in the '60s cloudy tonight low 42 tomorrow cloudy cooler couple of showers high fifty four then we'll get periods of rain on thursday it'll be mild though with a high of fifty nine currently 62 degrees it's 206 at your severe weather station 965 fm 580 wchs the the dan and and then okay well we can't find because it may not exist we i don't think we've got an actual sound bite a tom daschle complaining about democrat experts in discovering that liberal democrats listen to this program that's that's really what it was this is back in two thousand to its after the midterms they talked about this in the first hours on closing a loopier i don't want to leave anything hanging out and daschle the said that they're experts did a study of the audience in this program and they were shocked tom daschle was the leader in the senate at the time of the democrats and he was shocked that liberals and democrats listened to the program that's what it was they believed up until that time the only people that listen this program were white minded conservatives and republicans is therefore they weren't where he worried about it then there experts told them to things not only do liberal democrats listen but the earth shattering revelation was that some of them actually changed their minds and abandon the democrat party now i think i read that daschle said the the guy ever heard the sound bite but we have a sound bite of me bombs interviewing bernie goldberg he was he was on the programmes january 23rd 2003 and this is me explain goldberg was making the point that that my program had a uh a universe of listeners far beyond just republican and conservative here what we fought we deducted we listen to daschle comments and he actually said experts have told us that and he said something i don't memories exact words but the upshot of it was that we figured they had some internal polling bernie which indicated that my audience is indeed what you just said it's not rock ribbed it's not totally conservative that the people listen.

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