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I get a real sense of who he was from that alone it's quite funny though is that he didn't like the idea of hummus but he liked to eat it we knew that if we crowded hamas he he would not even try it he considered that to be kind of two operti ever food perhaps so i would just say hadad i made some bean dep and who horrible this is pretty good he'd say were there other things you sneaked in front of him with a disguising them yeah absolutely if i if i were to make for example a grilled vegetable panini i would call that a cheese and onion sandwich which he loved if i called it a panini no absolutely not so i love it now in in the first sentence you mentioned you're dead it in connection with a bomb be apocalypse what's going on there we always use them he he's stocked up on on canned goods and things like that he just did truly i think he got that from his parents who were depression babies and it was just kind of handed down to him preparedness was a big part of who he was is and so he stacked up on all these foods and would add do you really need five bottles a catch up what are you doing with all of this and you know it was it was really a family joke our whole lives so you what he was like a a you know a survivalist or or a horde or he was just someone who didn't want to run out absolutely not he he was he wasn't a survivalist or anything like that no you imply that he really loves miracle whip.

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