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Seven sixty WJR news, dick Hafner. A glazing of ice has caused a dangerous drive this morning. Many spinouts have occurred some freeway closures and partial closures to in our area. For example, eastbound I ninety four over on Detroit's east side that is closed at last check. And we'll check in with John Bailey. And a couple of minutes to get an update on the closure salt trucks are out, but the roads are very slippery. Even in your neighborhood. You can be sliding around. This freezing drizzle is expected to continue through the morning. Also, a growing list of school closings. This is a school closing day for so many students and teachers Dryden public schools Brandon schools. Manchester in Dexter are closed. The Huron valley and the Clarkston public schools are closed Waterford public schools are closed. Get the entire list at WJR dot com. That's a service a family, heating, cooling and electrical family is not just their name. It's the way they do business. The Canadian Auto Workers have. Staged a third wildcat walkout since GM announced in November that would close several plants, including the Oshawa Ontario plant a thousand workers at the interior products. Supplier plant walked out that plant makes interiors for the Oshawa plant also the Detroit Hamtramck plant two of the plants set to close and the uniform president in Canada. Jerry, Diana, says, the continuing campaign to hit GM where it lives will hurt. GM? Oshawa would be the hardest hit they've got twenty five hundred hourly workers that are set to lose their jobs and five hundred salary jobs at that plant as well. President of Kenya says the as Lama terrorists who stormed a hotel in Nairobi Kenya are dead. But at least fourteen innocence are dead to here's correspondent Sam Kylie on this terrorist attack. This was a very complex.

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