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That's you. Can you imagine how much less expensive? I would be. If all the sudden there were ten Tyson's that were equally or maybe even more hilarious and quick witted than I am. Well, here's the problem loan. Then you would you would raise to be hilarious from a young age. No, no. But then how off of that? When they do all, the work could be honest you. Yeah. In every way, shape and form. And I know how I I don't need another grumpy twenty year old Danny from in the earth. Nobody knows that. Yeah. It's like the one kid what if you could just change his entire lifestyle and live with Carrie Asli through him till he passed on like, let's just say you're like just go do cocaine binges in whatever you gotta do. And then where a go pro. So I can watch it all go down the might might could live if I had chosen a different route. Well, I mean tic- reminded I ever something. Now, something you remind me of an article I saw and maybe this'll be a quick bolt hole. And it was a it was a headline that said model Instagram influence her regrets her diet of top us and cocaine. Yeah, I saw that. Yeah. I was that a diet is that a real diet is this like she's going to write a book about her diet about Shrek for not losing. Okay. How furious a legitimate diet? I the top really could've been thing and cocaine. I feel like would have been the the diet topless already. That's so that's so influence of her to be like all I ate was top us every day with with a little bit of cocaine sprinkled here and there. Yeah. And I just was shedding pounds and getting more followers all day day. You know, she's like the Dan blizzard of. A female influencers. We need a damn Liz area and a female influencers. I'm sure she's out there. She's probably Darwin dies to toots off the mill prostitutes off Rouf's and. Live in that. Onto right dream game. You do bring up another point. There are some people. We don't want clone. Like damp Lazarian like like, some that'd be okay. Without even one a ham. If we if we develop clone technology Clooney me's innocent enough, but cloning I mean, people like Donald Trump and others rich enough to get the clones. And you're like do we really want billionaires cloning themselves? They tend to be giant douche bags while. It'd be Jeff bass us can't afford it. Now. I mean, come on. We don't we don't want people cloning themselves. I barely like the originals when I definitely would like the clones they come around, man. So no, no, let's stop. Let's stop at the dogs. Let's let's make that. Let's get rid of the cloning technology wants this hits the human race. We're done for because only the rich people are going to be calling themselves, and they tend to be low pretty horrible. Yeah. The low Paul Logan, Paul. Yeah. We can't let him clone himself. I mean, we really want to bring that receding hairlines like. Yeah. More more existence. Come on. He's got a comb over. We know it. I think we have a pretty strong argument against cloning. Humans leave it to the dogs against all. Right. So good catch up today. Quick one. Yes, turned out to be pretty pretty close to full full size. Also, I'd like to state for the record. I am not anti receding hairline. I may. In fact, one day have receding hairline in my hairline has in fact, receipted a little bit from what it once was..

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