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A population of twenty seven million in need of humanitarian aid the starvation situation is spreading and it's getting worse in every visit i've been back to yemen over the last three years you can see the situation for families across the country whether they be in haiti territory or coalition territory is really getting very desperate so any kind of escalation in the conflict or or any kind of spread of fighting in the south in aden and this current situation is only going to make that was for the civilian population ira correct thanks for coming back and joining us always a pleasure mm to washington now where as president trump delivered his state of the union speech last night a lot of lawmakers in the audience were thinking about russia and that's because on tuesday the trump administration said it would not impose new sanctions on russia right now in response to russia's election meddling now that shocked a lot of lawmakers because they overwhelmingly approved sanctions in july it it was a message then that the president was going easy on russia and the congress was tired of it meanwhile that announcement on no sanctions now against russia came from the state department just as cia director mike pompeo said there's reason to expect more russian interference in this year's midterms a lotta shores been following all of this she's a congressional reporter for politico while the bill included this data line for the administration to decide on.

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