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The Michael Barry show. Where can you get the best information when it comes to buying, selling trading services, or leasing a car truck SUV or all the way up to the big rigs right here every Friday afternoon from 3 to 5 on the automotive edge radio show and truck talk with Kurt Chase and Darren Yancy if it has wheels. We can help every Friday afternoon from 3 to 5. It's the automotive agent truck talk right here on talk radio 11 90. With all this going on the auto industry. A lot of consumers are still trying to figure out when to buy the next car, truck or SUV. So where is the place is still get a great deal on your next new purchase, release all the money for your trade and more. The place. Freeman Toyota, located on the affordable side of the Metroplex in hers. For all the Freemen toys, specials, go to Freeman tighter dot com as Freeman kota dot com or call 800 new cars. You know when you consider what you're getting for your trade in or how about $2500 off famous are beyond thunder is And a two year to care maintenance on all new Toyotas will then consider the best place to go to save time. Money and stress. Freeman Toyota for the best Toyota experienced call 800 new cars. That's 800 new cars or online. 24 7 at Freeman Toyota dot com. As Freeman Toyota dot com. Boosting cricket charge More for unlimited five G Metro doesn't introducing the Big Baiji upgrade from Metro by T Mobile. Just 25 bucks a month gets you unlimited vie jeans and a free five g smartphone. That's half the price of boost and crickets. Top plans. So did your overpriced connections and switch to Metro the leader in prepaid experience. Five g speed at no extra cost and step up big time with the Big Five G upgrade. Get one line of Unlimited. Five g smartphone data,.

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