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Unless it's Tarzan, then they would want the show to swing through the vines, right? But on this show. Do we stop right there? No, we don't. We boldly go where no financial show has gone before. And therefore at about ten til we will have our estate tip of the week. And this one was actually I was talking to a client last week, and they were concerned about leaving an inheritance to their their children, one of whom is not very responsible with money. So they were asking how do I protect against the inheritance being squandered? And I thought you know, what that is an awesome question to answer on the radio show. So at about ten till we'll talk about how to protect the inheritance that you leave your, greedy, unwashed undeserving airs from being squandered. Okay. So we'll have that for you at about ten till? So we have a lot of stuff to talk about. So I just want to one one quick thing. I want to share with you. This is spring break. And my youngest is a senior in college. And so I get to have her home for a week, and what's really nice this selfish. But what's really nice is at her school spring break is after everybody else's so or before or something it's before so she's home and nobody else's. So we get to have her. Yeah. Because normally like over Christmas at all that they're all at home at the same time. But we never see her. She's gone all the time. But right now, she's home every day. And I went and saw spider verse the Spiderman movie, it is awesome. If you're a Spiderman fan, you will love that movie. It's great anyway. Let's talk about the five reasons that you should be glad you are out of the market. Okay. And so I could literally just read this article to you. It's so well written and I'm actually jealous. I wish I had written it because I mean, the person person forwarded it to me said Ken, did you write this? And he's just using your your words. So it starts off with kicking yourself for missing the recent rally. Here are five reasons that you shouldn't he says to hear the Wall Street say everything is rosy again and the cautious naysayers are looking like a bunch of chicken Littles suckers and sore losers yet again, yes, the stock market is off to the best start of the year and more than three decades. And yes, those sitting on the sidelines in too much cash missed a quick rally, and he says as money manager, Josh Brown CEO of writ holes, something reminded investors. Again this week. If you missed the handful of best days on the stock market, you miss out. And a huge chunk of long-term returns. And I'm gonna talk about that one later on in the show as I mentioned that one is misleading statistic. And I resent people who say that. So continuing he says is that it if you're under invested in stocks. Should you be kicking yourself not so fast? Sure, hindsight is twenty twenty. But if you've been too cautious of late, you're not alone. And here are five reasons why you're not dumb, and you may be proven right in the long run. And what's interesting about this is he's assuming there are people who are out of the market like we are. So that's pretty cool. There are other people who agree with us who have done the same. So we're not alone in this. Although, you know, sometimes what is it Groucho one said that any club. That'll have you as a member? I don't want to be a member of. So to many people are getting out of the market is anytime, I am I started getting worried because that's usually the consensus is wrong. But anyway, let's go over. We're not gonna get to all of them in this segment. I'm gonna continue in the second segment. So don't be worried about that. So number one, he says you. Haven't really missed that much. Sure if you'd bought and held you'd be sitting stocks during the boom since January first, but you'd also been sitting in stocks when they tanked and you have to remember they tanked first before they rose. So the Dow has risen more than two thousand points this year, but it fell three thousand points last quarter. Okay. So even after the rally the SNP is still down five percent from its peak last year. So yes, it's rallied. But it's still way down from where it was at the peak. So don't feel so bad about that. Okay. Now, he also says that the world all country you index is still twelve percent down from its peak in two thousand eighteen and that's according to fact, set so that's number one. I'm going to get to the other four in the next segment, but I want to tell you that if you're over fifty if you are retired or retiring soon, then you may want to consider going to one of our seminars because right now, we believe that the risk that you face on the down. Side is way greater than the potential on the upside of this market, and I'm going to go into some statistics in the next segment about Robert Schiller, who is one of the most respected economists and his evaluation of PE ratio is right now, he says the market is fifty percent overvalued. It would need to drop fifty percent just to get normally valued. And so right now, we believe the downside risk is very high. So if I'm you what I would want to do is at least investigate at least educate myself, at least understand why people are saying this Mark people are saying this, and maybe I should pay attention. Okay. So here's what you do you go to our website. It's money matters dot net. Moneymatters dot net is our website. And you can go to one of our seminars you can find a seminar near you at the seminar. We don't talk about are beholden. Protect strategy. We also talk about when should you take your social security benefits when you're sixty to sixty six when you're seventy we're gonna talk about the fact that the IRS. Out. Yeah. Those guys they want tax eighty five percent of your social security benefits. We didn't show you how to beat that. If it's an all possible. We want to talk about how to decide if you have enough money to retire on where do you get your income from how do you reduce your income taxes? We have a lot of information that I think if you're over fifty if you are retired or retiring soon, you will get benefit from so go to our website money matters dot net and sign up for seminar near you. Okay. Moneymatters dot net. All right. We're going to take a break. And when we come back. We'll have the other four reasons why you should be glad you are out of the market. So stay tuned. This is money matters. And I am Ken moraif. If you're retired or retiring soon, you may be asking yourself do I have enough money to retire? How can I maximize my retirement income? Should I roll over my 4._0._1._K? Is there.

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