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Three o'clock of course it was a better raider struggled. The rams didn't the rams just blew the they're going to blow the doors off teams. That's the difference. And by the way you to your point about derek carr not being any match for matthew stafford. Matthew stafford was number one in quarterback rating for week one. He was spectacular. Derek carr was not in the top ten. So maybe you're right. Maybe you're right so watching the dodgers last night. I'm going back and forth right. It's that time of year when you use the back button right go back. Go back go back. Go back watching games multiple games at the same time. It was a good monday night. Football game was fun. Somebody's listening what do you mean. I didn't send the note greg. Somebody's listening to you. Somebody is listening. Matthew stafford is on the list while along list at number seventy four by accident instead of seven so he's number seven on their coding air. Some type of by by yards like you know it has a drop down. So there's yards average there's touchdowns interceptions too. They have quarterback rating they do have quarterback rating. If won. if i click on quarterback rating. You will see. He's number one made it to that one yet. Teddy teddy bridge teddy bridgewater on this little fix it. They'll they'll they'll get straightened out so watching the dodgers game last night. And here's the thing about the dodgers right now. It's so frustrating because we are playing so well in every time they go to giants padres. The giants have already taken six one lead or a seven one lead or whatever it is so i feel like you know we get late in the game. We're like in a must win situation if we want to run them down to win the national league west momo you've kind of thrown in the talented i think so. I think i'm going the other way because for the longest time. I just thought the giants we're going to run out of steam that they just talent is gonna play. The dodgers have more talent. they have more depth. they should be winning and l. Wes thought the giants were finally starting to get injured. And slow and peter out and they just keep winning so i think instead of expecting them to fail. I'm going to expect them to keep doing it. You're expecting the giants to keep doing keep doing it. They say they're online cold. Streak there due for a cold streak it just. It doesn't work like that where you just continue to win. They've won eleven of twelve now. And the dodgers are playing great baseball. They are winning. I'm looking at the giant scheduled coming up. The san diego seems to be just broken. I mean we swept them and now they lost nine to one the giants last night then. They've got atlanta atlanta's a very good team very good team playoff team. Then they go at san diego and against san diego's kind of did they go at colorado. That's a pushover. They they're home to arizona. They're awful and then their home to san diego. So wow they've got one two three four five six seven eight nine. They got nine games against the padres. So the padres will really determine the winner of the national league west and the padres. If they don't get on their horse and start doing some. They're not going to be in the playoffs at all and they were the team everybody. Pat is the one to challenge the dodgers this year and the guy that i was most afraid of in a one game playoff like if the dodgers ended up in the wild card playing them. The guy didn't wanna see was blake snow because he was on a hot streak and then he had some kind of groin injury or something like three sketches into the game the other night when he's going to back then you know that he's likely lost for the years from what i've read. Is he really. Yeah likely lost the pulled abductor muscle. it's sort of like a groin. Muscle potentially not ready to pitch in a. Wow that's a huge lies. Does that guy was he was he was every game. Ten strikeouts thrown a no hitter seven. Remember that game he was. You did not wanna play face. Blake snow in in a one game playoff up and now he's off the board and i bet you jas tingler will would not have made the mistake of pulling blake snell after six would utilize done tampa's yup in the world series. So yeah i mean the one bright shining fact of the last couple of days is cody bellinger. Looks like he may have found his form. Orel hershiser described it last night that he's a little looser through the shoulders. He's got a little more bend in the knees he's got he's got a little narrower stance he just looks more comfortable at the plate and he had the first extra-base hit and What three weeks or four weeks. The other night night had a had a knock. I think cody bellinger could be back in. Couldn't be a better moment for that bergman. Yeah i mean. I hope that he is there still. I'm still a little bit worried about him. I know that he has. He's hit a couple of down the right field side to get a double. But there's just something that's still a little bit off. He's still kind of swing and his through his heels a little bit and popping balls up that he probably would've normally hit for singles or even a little bit deeper in the outfield. I want to see more. I just can't believe it until. I actually see him start doing it. More regularly because right now two hits in all of september is not enough to say that he's turned the corner. I hope so. I hope so. You know the one thing that comes out from last night and from this entire season is that andrew freedman has constructed a really good bullpen phil. Bickford has been really good. Alex has been really good. And where did those guys even come from. I'll came from the marlins yup charade and bickford where walk like my neighbor phil. Bickford lives down the street. But that'll thing joe. Kelley has been excellent corey. Mitch weizman good The pen blake training struggle the other night but he's been kenley. Jansen is twelve for his last twelve and save opportunities. Even you bergman a kenley. Jansen detractors has to admit kenley jansen has a chance to be a real factor in this postseason. He's been for the last month. He's been basically unhittable which has been really really nice because he went through that he went through a short period. Like all got an old kenley is back but he found it again. And i know momo's been saying over and over again like he's he's still the same guy. We just saw a couple bad games and it seems like. That's what's happening right now. And i have a mythical money that i made at the beginning of the season which seemed like a stretch to ireland. And it's kenley jansen would save thirty five games this season. He's at thirty two right now..

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