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A trial for the week of February 14th. He would also allow the Senate to continue working full time on confirming President Biden's Cabinet nominees in advance. Other legislation. Spokesperson for Majority Leader truck. Schumer says they received a proposal late this afternoon and will review it on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern Fox News governor, Greg Abbott is urging state lawmakers to pass legislation that better protects Texans from crime. The governor is encouraging legislation that would penalize cities. That defund their police department. Sexes must pass laws that give cities a clear choice. Either. Fulfill their duty to keep the residents safe. War lose access to all of their tax revenue. Abbott is also asking for legislative action on bail reform that would make it more difficult for criminals to get back on the street. Local homeless shelters are ramping up efforts to accommodate more homeless people Do to covet. 19. Dallas based Homeless service are calling. CEO Wayne Walker says they've seen unprecedented numbers of people who have become homeless since covert 19. He says layoffs and evictions even with the moratorium are causing 100. People to come in per week. We had about 300,000 people living below the poverty line already, so it didn't take much to push him off. So it's purely economic. For most of the people that we're seeing are calling has increased testing efforts and partnered with other shelters to get as many people off the streets as possible. Cat bones iron WB AP NEWS TEXAS Business Closing numbers on Wall Street. The Dow was off by 12 and 1 31,076 NASDAQ rose by 74 to 5 13,031, the S and P 500 slip by one to finish it 3000 153 right now. Overcast 54 degrees in downtown Dallas News also brought to you by the law offices of Nickname is from the W B A P News desk. I'm Mike Training your next update at 7 30 24 7 coverage it w B com The legend Rush Limbaugh House so far from over 100 people have.

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