Richard Ebright, Andrew Cuomo, Rand Paul discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


To shift the meaning of the words gain of function effect. If I remember right somewhere over the course of the last several months as the story continued to escalate, the NIH actually on their website changed the definition of gain of function or referred to get a function a different way. One thing that might make these stories stick a little better, Um, is having first hand testimony from people from experts who can go on media and actually say Here's what this is all about. Richard Ebright is a molecular biologist at Rutgers University. He is on the record explaining this entire thing to the intercept and he was on social media. He has a Twitter account. He's very Adamant about this. He doesn't seem to have a political dog in the fight this molecular biologist at Rutgers and he said, And I'm quoting now, the viruses they constructed were tested for the ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cells. In other words, they engineered these man, This is all freaks me out. By the way, they engineered these mice to replicate what a human cell receptor would look like. To see if these engineered mice who were designed to look like humans could receive this virus that they had extracted from a bat at this lab in Wuhan, and then lo and behold, within a year of this experimentation, Wuhan is ground zero for the release of Covid 19 that then spread around the world that China denied. They had anything to do with it. Andrew Cuomo still insists on calling The European virus and and oh, by the way, we funded that research and oh, by the way, Anthony Fauci, the sainted Anthony Fauci during the entire pandemic, the only person we're supposed to talk to and agree with and believe about this whole thing. He lied under oath about that virus about that experimentation. All of that seems to be the case will remind you a little bit more of what Anthony Fauci said under questioning with Rand. Paul also Rand Paul head of something to say about this yesterday, too. To keep here a little bit more. But first, it's 5:15 p.m..

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