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Is on the shelf it's like being in a baseball game well the eight innings over that's the end of the notes Hey Jay what's up all right lots of rain getting ready to move and it's already moving into the metro this light rain is going to be around for the rest of the afternoon tonight and from time to time tomorrow even tomorrow night it's kind of a sluggish moving system so keep the umbrellas handy Terry by the time everything is all said and done probably looking at around one inch maybe an inch and a quarter in town a little more off to the south of low of a little bit less off to the north not the temperatures will stay my would have to worry about any ice or anything like that will be around fifty this afternoon however in the upper forties to near fifty tonight climb to fifty five tomorrow so mild weather hate Saturday will be turning colder and with a weak system moving through a we could see some rain and even snow showers developing a Saturday afternoon and we'll keep you apprised of that outside right now rainy conditions and forty nine this is news radio wait forty WHAS available everywhere with the I heart radio at now number one for podcasting newsradio wait forty WHAS and I heart radio station everyone could use a few extra Bucks around the holidays full schedule free in home estimate with my guys from universal windows direct they'll give you a one hundred dollar Amazon gift card just for the meeting then when you replace your old drafty windows with brand new beautiful energy version one else and universal windows direct you'll save all kinds of money was of it's already cold don't suffer through one more winter a cold uncomfortable home universal windows directs windows are specially made to perform in this climate superspace or technology keeps the edge of the glass warmer holds the window seal longer and helps the windows last up to five times longer than other windows plus my guys bill Mike back it up with a true lifetime warranty you're covered for as long as you own a home in thirty years beyond right now by two windows to get to windows free by twenty one knows you get twenty windows free zero percent financing for thirty six months some restrictions apply want to schedule your free in home estimate today and get a one hundred dollar Amazon gift card call four eight seven fifty two hundred or go to universal windows direct dot com you'll be saying I love my windows have you wanted to speak a new language but you cited be too hard or take too much time then go to babble dot com.

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