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Because you have you feel it, you feel and you're happy and you say, thank you self. Thank you for giving me that pizza. I might want pizza for dinner. I think we're getting see. She thought about gangs. Okay. Going to a motions number seven cope with your emotions without using food. All right. That's two. Let's move to. Yeah, this is this is really the hardest one. Okay. So one of the things the book knowledged food is one of the most emotionally late in things in the world, and it makes sense. It's hard. This is a quote that I had to write down because I was like, oh, this is my life. Food is love. Food is comfort. Food as reward foods are reliable. Friend, food really lollies things. Food is some family like you were just talking about eating with your dad, and you felt like such that such a nice memory. Like I have such an attachment eating with my dad and like it's not just about the tortellini this hour. I'm sure. So basically there they talk about people emotionally eat for lotteries and they talk about the continuum of emotional eating, which is the different reason the different ways in which you eat emotionally. So this in congress is sensory pleasure, which means just eating it because it tastes good. You would just want good taste. I do that a lot to comfort which is like you just feel like you want something, you know that reminds you of like if you wanted tour to leaning with sour cream, that would be like a comfort. Well, I think it's also has to do with the thoughts that are going to your mind. What are your thinking? What are you feeling are healing sadness? So I wanna be comforted from like the stress or the sadness that I'm feeling or or whatever it is and like through that when you eat, you don't think of of your feelings. It's sort of it's sort of like a thought blocker, right, and you can focus on this food. Right? Three is distraction, which is when we sit in a meeting and we're like, fuck, I don't wanna do this. What am I going to eat so that I don't have to. Sit in this meeting. Yeah. No, you're still sitting in the meeting, but there's like something. Nice. Right. What? Okay. Let's talk about that that we do this. There's some. There's something they're like, okay, we have long meeting like what are the snacks? You know what I mean? I think that's, I think when it when it comes to motion eating the things that you do when you mostly eat, I think it's a always a combination of a few of these because it's both. It's both distraction, but it's also comforting because I don't wanna have to think during this meaning I don't want to have to deal with these people you want to check out. I wanna I wanna just sort of do something though. And who were talking to this doesn't apply to you not unhurt with, you know, these are meetings from years ago. This new don't even know. People were twelve meeting. Yes, yes, correct. Sammy. With houses problem. But in general, everyone agrees. Like we're not the only one gives you like hope in the in the meeting that you in the meeting, you have to talk about uncomfortable things. You have to answer questions. You may not know the answers to you have to think you have to come up with ideas. You have to respond in communicative nice way problem with getting amazing boss. Whatever. I mean, I'm joking, but right now I'm like meeting, I'm being means myself, but like I'm fine. You're a great boss. Mantha think spent the roast fish pine. Okay, distraction. Then you have sedation. Okay..

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